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Student Story: Resourceful Mom – Michelle Vankat

Introducing someone who needs no introduction, Michelle Vankat! Michelle is not only a student in our 10 week full stack web developer training program, but has been a member of the Interface team since July 2014. We met Michelle while she was a student in our introduction to web development fundamentals course over the summer. Michelle wowed us with her ambition, tenacity, wit and drive. We are excited to have her on the team and look forward to continuing to work with Michelle on her professional journey.

10628638_10202546036924768_8941513537255144651_oWhy did you decide to join Interface Web School?

“I have always been interested in technology, computers, and web applications. Interface appealed to me because I could further my education in those areas in a short amount of time.”

Tell us about your experience so far.

“I loved Web Basics and the front-end aspect of web development. I think it is fascinating to be able to create applications from the ground up. Learning a programming language is challenging – not unlike learning a foreign language – but fun.”

What are your career aspirations?

“In the future, I can see myself in a Project Management or Business Analyst type of role in the startup or small business community.”

What is a hobby or talent of yours others may not know about?

“I am an avid reader of mystery novels and enjoy digital scrapbooking.”