AIM Code School


Under AIM, AIM Code School Joins Nonprofit Sector

In January 2017, AIM Code School formally joined AIM — “an innovative not-for-profit community organization that grows, connects and inspires the tech talent ecosystem.” AIM and AIM Code School have enjoyed a very close working relationship over the past two years, making this a natural progression of our partnership. AIM Code School is just as much about community building as it is about tech training, so joining the nonprofit sector under AIM is an exciting step toward providing even more benefit to the community.

AIM Code School is now one of just a few coding bootcamps across the country with not-for-profit status. We now join the ranks of schools like Ada Developers Academy in Seattle, Eleven Fifty Academy in Indiana, and the Turing School of Software and Design in Colorado, among others – all institutions making big impacts in their respective communities through tech training and community building.

AIM + Interface Web School

The acquisition and synergies between AIM and AIM Code School serve to strengthen Omaha as a tech hub and provide a more complete array of opportunities for students and employers in the area. This transition to not-for-profit has plenty of benefits to future, current, and graduated students of Interface. One such benefit is our ability to expand the range of topics we offer as they fit under a broader umbrella of tech training and professional development. You can expect many new offerings over the next few months, from new workshops to full tracks of courses. Another extremely valuable benefit to students and graduates is access to increased job placement assistance after graduation, thanks to another area of AIM, Careerlink. AIM Careerlink is no longer a standalone job posting website, but rather a suite of job placement resources to help companies find qualified candidates to fill their positions (like Interface graduates!). Our grads will now have access to the talent sourcing specialists at AIM in addition to post-graduation resources we already have in place. These resources include resume building, technical interview preparation, mock interview services, and internship opportunities with local development agencies like Appsky Labs to help graduates build a portfolio of client work. Appsky Labs

Transitioning our programming to not-for-profit status under AIM will also benefit our local community in several ways. First, AIM Code School will be partnering with many community organizations and offering a broader range of topics, a combination that will bring fulfilling careers in tech to even more people in the Greater Omaha area. With this transition, Interface has an improved ability to help the underserved and underrepresented in tech, something that AIM’s VP of Tech Education, Shonna Dorsey, has been passionate about since starting AIM Code School over 6 years ago. “As someone who grew up in a single-parent home with lots of barriers, but great support from parents, teachers, and other mentors, I understand the importance of creating opportunities for under-served and underrepresented people in our community. Careers in tech present some of the greatest opportunities for people to break the cycle of poverty and I am excited to work in the nonprofit sector on new initiatives for people in our community and beyond.”

Brain Exchange

Joining AIM also means that our revenues will now be helping to fund a variety of programs offered by AIM, many of which help young people explore technology. These youth programs include Graduate Twice, a youth program that helps students in middle and high school explore career paths and higher education, as well as the Brain Exchange, an interactive space dedicated to helping youth explore, learn, and do technology. The Brain Exchange offers free classes for kids, covering topics including cybersecurity, game design, electronics, engineering, math, media production, robotics, circuitry, and more.

“Interface as a program of AIM brings a new level of social enterprise to technology in Greater Omaha. This is significant because of the collaborative training and mentoring opportunities for tech learners and tech builders. Lifelong learners, entrepreneurs, community advocates, curious youth and adults now have greater opportunities to discover and develop their passions because Interface can connect with community through collective channels for positive change and growth that were difficult to traverse as a for-profit company. AIM also has the ability to showcase and leverage the income-producing opportunities with Interface on board,” said Nancy Williams, President and CEO of No More Empty Pots. “We are fortunate to have Interface and AIM joining forces for a deeper positive intergenerational impact in technology for Greater Omaha.”

“Interface Web School creates for AIM another strong link in our tech talent pipeline to help establish the Silicon Prairie as a leading tech hub,” said AIM President and CEO Dr. Kandace Miller. “The school will help us better deliver our mission and provide our constituents access to in-demand skills training leading to lucrative technology jobs.

On behalf of the AIM Code School team, we are excited to make this transition. Stay tuned for what’s next!