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Top four desired traits of a career in tech

The list of reasons why someone may want to pursue a career in tech is sure to be long and varied. However, based on a recent Interface graduate poll, there are a universal wants and needs. Results follow.

1. Flexibility as a working parent
Forbes listed IT as one of the top 10 flexible job fields. 26% of people surveyed said they’re able to telecommute for work. More and more, tech jobs can be done from home via email and web chat. They also require the occasional odd hours and don’t always fit the 8-5 working mold. That can be a perk for some people, especially parents who care for children during the day and want to be able to set their own hours.

2. Improved salary
The same Forbes article also listed tech as the number one highest paying career that also offers flexibility. In May 2017, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found the average hourly wages of a software developer in Omaha to be $42.80, or about $89,024 annually for a full-time position. Additional listings on place the median salary for a web developer at $58,265.

3. The opportunity to solve problems
Interface graduate Melissa Buffalohead said that “puzzles, problem solving, and learning new things are all part of the job.” She loves the challenges associated with her new career in web development.

“Tech is always growing and changing,” said graduate Melissa-Ann Dailey. “Some of the biggest advances in our industry have been made because someone decided ask questions and took the time to build a solution. There is always something to learn.”

4. Being passionate about their career
The saying goes, “Find something you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.” The tech industry was built by people who felt passionate about solving problems and making improvements. The more you love your tech job, the more successful you’re going to be at it.

If you’re considering a career in tech and would like to learn more, Interface has several options to available to help you determine your next step: