AIM Code School

Student Conduct Policy

Student conduct policy

Since AIM Code School workshops and courses may include working with real businesses on real projects, students are expected to be respectful, professional, cooperative and collaborative for the duration of the session. Students who do not exhibit qualities expected of professionals in this situation will receive a verbal and written warning for the first incident which will be stored in the student’s permanent AIM Code School file. Any subsequent incidents may result in termination of course/workshop enrollment. No refund requests will be approved from students who are terminated from an AIM Code School workshop or course due to misconduct.

Readmission Policy

Students who have been expelled from AIM Code School for any reason and wish to return must submit an application for Readmission to the Managing Director. Applications are due no less than 30 days, but no more than 6 months prior to the beginning of the session in which re-enrollment is desired. Eligibility to re-enroll will be determined after the application is received by the Managing Director.

For students who left AIM Code School in good standing, eligibility for readmission will be determined by the Managing Director. Only students who appear to have potential for success in general and within their selected program will be readmitted. The Managing Director will evaluate requests for readmission on the basis of the following criteria:

    • The student’s written statement (including a statement regarding reasons for previous expulsion)in which:
      • compelling reasons are offered for wishing to return to Interface;
      • the student indicates how and why performance will improve if readmitted;
    • Requested readmission session
    • Students are encouraged to send transcripts, if applicable, to support their application at the time of reapplying and final decisions may be deferred pending receipt of a transcript.

The Managing Director reviews only written materials and individual appearances are not permitted. Once a decision has been made regarding the application, the student will be notified in writing. Registration instructions will be sent when that information becomes available. The Managing Director reserves the right to revoke any offer of readmission. The Managing Director will review the progress of all students returning to Interface following expulsion. Continuation of enrollment is contingent upon satisfactory progress during the session the student is readmitted.

Source: 2020 AIM Code School Web School Program Catalog. Full document will be made available for upon request from Emily Matis (