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Student Story: Drone Builder & Artist – Steve Taylor

We are excited to introduce you to artist, drone builder and student, Steve Taylor. Steve is a participating in our fall 2014 10 week, Ruby web developer training program and will be sharing his progress via a new blog soon.

steveWhy did you decide to join Interface Web School?

“I wanted to learn a new skill and learn a new language – I thought, why not coding?”

Tell us about your experience so far?

“I would say the most inspiring thing, to me, is the creativity that I have seen come out of the class. The most challenging part has been CSS – I want everything to line up like I see it my head with having an artist’s eye.”

What are your career aspirations?

“I plan on starting an animation company and having web development skills will help to bridge the technical and artistic aspects of the company.”

Tell us about a hobby or talent others may not know about?

“I build RC quadcopters (drones) and I also build analog antique circuits (nixie clocks, transistors, etc.)”