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Stay-At-Home Mom Reboots Career in Tech with Interface

by Katrina Markel

“Interface gave me a chance to prove that I’ve still got it.” – Danisha H.

Prior to becoming a stay-at-home, Danisha had ten years of experience as a technical writer at big-name companies, but despite being a seasoned pro who kept up with industry developments, Danisha still needed a way to jumpstart her career.

Photo Credit: Alvaro Oropesa

“I’ve always had an interest in learning how to design a website,” she said. “I thought, well, maybe let’s look at web development.”

Danisha took an introductory web development workshop at (drips) in Council Bluffs led by Interface co-founder and managing director, Shonna Dorsey.

“It was the first time I met Shonna and I was just impressed with her and her organization,” she said.

Ultimately, Danisha was drawn to the idea of working with Flywheel and studying WordPress development. After many years of working for established, large companies she was intrigued by the opportunity to work with a successful startup.

The course is focused on WordPress development, but Danisha said, “We touched on everything including WordPress, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.”

She also noted that collaboration with her talented classmates was an important part of the experience, “I was lucky to be part of a collaborative effort with Brian North, who is now a Happiness Engineer at Flywheel.”

It wasn’t long before a tech company reached out to Danisha via LinkedIn. She’s currently working as a technical writer on a contract and says that her experience at Interface gave her fresh skills. In particular, she says she has greater knowledge of project management tools.

Her family is also adjusting to the demands of a new schedule, but it’s going well.

Danisha said of her husband, David, “He was extremely proud and excited and remains very supportive and encouraging.”

As with many Interface alumni Danisha has advice for future students. Danisha emphasized that students will get out what they put into the course. The instructors are very accessible and she recommends that students take full advantage of the time they have to work with their instructors.

Danisha also said that students should build their portfolios as soon as possible. “You really retain the most by working on a personal project and a portfolio. Work on a portfolio from the very beginning.”

Danisha thinks that Interface “is laying the groundwork for more recent work experience”.

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