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Specialized Courses at Interface School Help Employers Meet Their IT Needs

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Although the Midwest’s tech ecosystem is flourishing, companies still struggle to meet their technical needs. Available jobs outpace the supply of workers who possess crucial IT skills, especially in cybersecurity, risk mitigation, and business process efficiency. The 2018 Harvey Nash / KPMG IT Leadership Survey revealed that 65 percent of CIOs report a shortage of tech talent is holding their organization back. Across all industries, the tech talent gap causes persistent headaches for employers striving to stay relevant amid incredible change.

Luckily, the AIM Interface Web School offers multiple specialized courses designed to provide employers with skilled tech workers. The courses are perfect for self-motivated individuals who want to increase their value and knowledge-base, and for companies eager to invest in the professional development of existing employees to fill difficult-to-hire-for specialist positions. Rather than investing inordinate amounts of time and money into another degree, Interface Web School students work at an accelerated pace. They build the valuable technical skills they need within a matter of weeks, not years.  

Take a look at the Interface School’s specialized courses to find the one you need.


 This 14-week course gives you the training you need to start a career as a Java developer by providing practical knowledge and experience for real-world situations. You’ll work with the front-end, the server, databases, and everything in between. You’ll come through versatile enough to write code and debug as a promising junior team member and full-stack developer. The Java course meets Mondays and Wednesdays from May 6 to August 7. Applications are due April 24.


This 14-week course will teach you the fundamentals of Microsoft .NET development. By the end of the course, you’ll be proficient in Visual Studio, C#, SQL, ASP.NET, MVC Pattern, and Javascript for Web 2.0, and more than able to make productive contributions to a team. The .NET course meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from May 7 to August 8. Applications are due April 24.

Fundamentals of Data Science Certificate

This intensive certification course helps students develop the skills a successful data scientist uses every day, including programming, Python for statistical analysis, data management, and data visualization, as well as essential soft skills such as effective data storytelling and nurturing an organizational culture of data discovery. This course is intended for people with little to no background in data analysis or computer programming, although a general familiarity with statistics and general tech competency are assumed. You need tenacity and a general aptitude for learning to succeed here. A love of problem-solving is a must, and a Bachelor’s degree in IT, Science, or Business is recommended but not required.


This 14-week semiweekly course covers the basics of COBOL programming. This includes syntax and techniques, data definitions, file mapping, file sorting & merging, how to code basic algorithms, and more. Dozens of companies in the Silicon Prairie need COBOL programmers. In fact, 92 of the top 100 banks still use mainframe computers (in other words, COBOL), as well as 71% of Fortune 500 companies. Many experienced COBOL programmers are nearing retirement, meaning a huge talent gap looms expensively on the horizon. Employers are scrambling to fill such vital positions.

Custom Training

The Interface School also offers custom training for specific company needs. Contact Interface School staff to map out a training plan for your tech talent today.