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Student Story: Shelly Xiong

We would like to introduce you to one of our 10 Week Web Development Program students, Shelly Xiong. Shelly is a student a part of the First National Bank program.

 Shelly Xiong

Why did you join Interface School?

“I really wanted to become a full stack developer and develop my skills in programming. I knew some of the previous students from Interface and know they were doing well so I wanted to be part of this great program. I also thought coding skills fit my learning style of being completely emerged in an accelerated course and learning real world skills. ”

What have been the most inspiring and challenging aspects of the 10 week program?

“I think working on teams is the most exciting. Using the lessons you learn in class as part of a practical real world experience is the best way to develop a skill because it helps you understand how to use it in a job.”

What have you learned about yourself so far during the 10 week program?

“I learned that many of the skills that I have self-taught myself became very useful in learning agile project management and working in teams. I was able to help my classmates with the skills that I have previously used and apply them in a practical manner.”

What are your career aspirations?

“My ideal job is working on cool projects with cool people.”

What is a hobby or talent of yours others may not know about?

“I am really into the making movement. I love to use 3D printers, lasercut and prototype projects. I hope to get an AutoCAD certificate in the future. “