AIM Code School


Interface grad combines graphic design and new coding skills to land a great startup gig

“After graduating from Interface Web School I was hired as a creative associate at a small startup called Onpxl​. I believed Interface Web School helped prepare me for this job because they were specifically looking for a graphic designer with coding skills. I now spend the majority of my day working on web programming, web design, graphic design and video production. I am basically working in my dream job with people I love to work with.

10943714_10205184983119775_3897598920753258167_nOnPxl recently moved into the AIM Careerlink​ on the 8th floor next to Travefy​, Big Omaha​, Viirt​ and other local startups. I really enjoy working in a very creative entrepreneurial workplace and the energy on the floor. I hope to continue to develop my skills in the creative field and I am thankful for the experience and knowledge I gained through Interface school.”

Congratulations, Shelly Lynn Xiong and thank you for sharing your story.