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Nonprofit Project Partner Info

The Interface Web School team is excited to continue to work with nonprofit organizations to develop web applications during the 10 week web developer training program. Check out two web applications developed by student teams during the spring 2014 session. Keep in mind, most of our students had no prior web programming experience:

Do you work for a nonprofit and want support developing a new web application for your company? Information about the types of projects and participation commitment follows.

bus0What types of projects work best for the program?

Applications built from scratch are the best fit for the program. We will work with you to determine a reasonable project scope based on the skills of our students.

What is the time commitment?

Over the course of the 10 week program, you will likely need to carve out 1-2 hours per week for phone calls or meetings related to the development of your product. Our students will use an iterative development approach to deliver features to your team often for feedback and correction/adjustment.

Is there a cost to participate?

Each nonprofit is asked to contribute $525 to participate in the program. Your contribution will go toward event expenses for the final student demo scheduled at the end of the program.  

How will the product be supported after the class ends?

Each product’s support requirements are discussed an addressed on an individual basis. Teams from the spring 2014 class worked with developers on their client’s team to transition application maintenance and support once the project ended.


Are you interested in participating as a client partner? Click here to provide your contact information and we will work on setting up a meeting to visit with you about our program and next steps.

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