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Student Story: Nick Chickinelli – College student and graphic designer

Meet Interface student Nick Chickinelli. Nick is a college student and a skilled graphic designer who wants to build products people want to experience. His story follows.

I’m Nick Chickinelli. As a designer, I want to understand the products I design for. After completing an introductory programming course in college, I wanted to learn a more focused skill set in a shorter period of time. I chose Interface because they teach full-stack web development, and offer a modular course selection – allowing me to continue with school.

The Interface instruction approach has exceeded my expectations and the pace has been quick. A combination that makes for time well spent. As the advanced session continues, I look forward to working with my team on our nonprofit project, while also diving further into Ruby on Rails. I’m enjoying the opportunity to apply my growing programming knowledge to real projects.

The best thing about learning to code ( especially for the web! ) is that you can apply these skills and ways of thinking almost anywhere.  After Interface – I’ll continue to incorporate coding into my design practice, while becoming more active in the tech community.