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Naomi See, Alumnus and Course Experience Manager, Starts New Gig with West Interactive


“I just think you get out of it what you want to get out of it. There’s so much opportunity that you can obtain by being involved,”

–  Naomi See, graduate of Interface: The Web School


naomiNaomi is an alumnus of the Full Stack Java Developer course and works as our Course Experience Manager. This week she adds a new title to her resume, Programmer/Analyst at West Interactive. She’ll also retain her role at Interface because she is passionate about helping other students achieve their goals.

“I have a lot of experience in my journey and I want to share my wisdom and help other people achieve the goals that they have,” she explained, “That’s just really important to me.”

Naomi’s journey to a fulfilling technology career has been less-than-traditional. The Sioux City native worked in retail as she put herself through Metro Community College. After Naomi completed her associate’s degree she didn’t get many job interviews because she didn’t really know how to present her skills and experience. Those are also the kinds of pitfalls she tries to help Interface students avoid.

“I work with the students from the start to finish of the course to make sure that all their needs are met,” said Naomi. That includes sitting in on classes and meeting with students on a one-to-one basis.

In June she graduated from the Full Stack Java course at Interface while simultaneously holding down a full-time job and studying at Bellevue University. Despite being enrolled in a four year University, Naomi says that Interface “fills a gap” in education.

“I felt like I needed more,” she explained, “With college you learn things, but it’s scattered and there are times you’re not doing programming at all.”

As an adult student with bills and responsibilities it was necessary for Naomi to continue working, but that also meant she could only take a few university classes at a time. The intensive study at Interface allowed her to quickly gain the programming skills she needed while continuing to work on her degree and maintain a job.

Naomi will continue to have a full plate going forward. In addition to her new job at West Interactive, she is still studying at Bellevue University for a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems with an emphasis on application development. She’ll also continue in her role at Interface as an advocate for students.

“I like helping,” she said, “I’ve made a lot mistakes and just learned and grown from it all. I want to help others maybe not take the long road that I took.”