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Student Story: Volleyball Coach and Baking Enthusiast: Michelle Pettit

We would like to introduce you to one of our 10 Week Web Development Program students, Michelle Pettit. As part of the 10 week program, Michelle is working on a process automation project for YMCA‘s Maple Street location with fellow Interface Web School students.

MichellePWhy did you decide to join Interface Web School?

“I decided to join Interface because I wanted to expand my knowledge of web development. I feel as if many people are turning to the web for many things- be that education, information, connecting socially and among other reasons. Joining Interface Web School has been a great first step to get my foot in the door of web development and the school is helping me to establish a strong foundation. Additionally, with so many aspects of life going digital (photo albums, etc.), the 10 week program is enabling me to gain a deeper understanding of the web, which will pay off in any future field, as I will be able to implement these skills to help businesses increase web-based capabilities.”

Tell us about your experience so far (what has been the most inspiring, what has been the most challenging)?

“I have enjoyed my experience with Interface. Now that I have an understanding of the languages of the web and how they all work together to create web sites and applications, I look forward to continuing my education, and strengthening my abilities in web development and design.”

What are your career aspirations?

“The web is essentially an open canvas that provides freedom to the developer to arrange and design sites and applications that can be both eye-catching and user-friendly. In the future, I would enjoy working with others to design and develop sites and applications to help businesses increase web traffic and revenue.”

Tell us about a hobby or talent others may not know about?

“I play in a competitive adult volleyball league, as well as coach a club volleyball team. Additionally, I enjoy baking and am always on the look out for a new recipe to try!”