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Student Story: Web Developer | Trend Transmitter | Fashion Stylist – Kristin Corman

We’d like to introduce you to Kristin Corman, a student in our 10 week Ruby web developer training program. Kristin’s has consulted for ESP Trendlab, Coats & Clark, the Intelligence Group and Skyelab for clients such as Microsoft, Levis, Pepsi, Absolut and Virgin Mobile. She’s traveled the world shooting and writing about trends on the street, runway and at retail and trade shows as an editor for Stylesight and Kristin has worked with celebrities from Aretha Franklin and Bruce Springsteen to Chloë Sevigny and Sofia Coppola. She’s contributed to magazines such as French Jalouse, i-D, Dutch, Oyster, Nylon, and S.

Kristin is currently working hard with a team of Interface Web School students on a web application called DailyMav.

MessengersPortraitWhy did you decide to join Interface Web School?

“I decided to join Interface Web School because I was looking for an exciting challenge that could catapult me into the thriving career field of web development. Also I had a couple of friends whom recommended the program to me and had great experiences with Interface.”

What have been the most inspiring and challenging aspects of the 10 week program?

“What I’ve found most inspiring about Interface thus far is the rigorous and dynamic program itself, my fellow students and the exciting projects we’re working on. The most challenging aspect thus far has been the intensity of the program and our homework exercises.”

What are your career aspirations?

“My career aspirations are to grow and thrive as a web developer with a dynamic company where I can utilize my skills and expertise to benefit us both and the community.”

What is a hobby or talent of yours others may not know about?

“My favorite hobbies are photography and motion pictures. I love capturing the perfect moment, creating a story and having something beautiful to look at and remember the best times by forever.”