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AIM Code School Student Spotlight: Bridget Berry

Bridget Berry has lived an exciting life. The recent Interface grad has been an accessories designer in NYC, an English teacher in China, and a project coordinator in Wellington, New Zealand. She is passionate about sustainable living, food policy, travel, and design. After graduating from Foundations of Web Development, Berry landed a front end development internship at InEight, a construction project management software company. We sat down with Berry to find out more about her experience with AIM Code School.

What made you want to go to AIM Code School?

I was looking to make a career change into tech and after exploring different online options, I decided AIM Code School would be best for me because I would be held accountable by the physical attendance. I also trusted that the team at AIM would help connect me to job opportunities in Omaha.

How was your experience in the Foundations class?

It was great. Our class was a good mix of people and we were able to bond together and form our own community. Christian Burk was an excellent teacher and he provided really good resources for us to continue learning outside of class.

What was hardest about it?

JavaScript! The pace really picks up about halfway through, so it was challenging to start learning JavaScript when I felt like I barely understood HTML and CSS. You just have to dedicate a lot of time to practicing the code on your own even when it feels impossible to learn. Eventually, it clicks.

How did Interface affect your life and career?

It introduced me to the tech community in Omaha and gave me the confidence to pursue a new career. (AIM Institute’s) Chris Cottrell was instrumental in finding opportunities for me and I am so thankful for that support in the months after completing the course.

What are you doing now? Do you enjoy it?

I am doing a Front End Development internship at InEight. I’m enjoying the ability to continue learning and improving my coding skills while also being able to contribute to real projects.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about making the change to a career in technology?

My advice would be to do a lot of research on what area of tech you want to go into before committing to one program or course to take first. Get a good idea of what you’ll need to know and then plan for how you’ll learn what you need to know. Don’t be afraid to learn something hard. It will get easier over time. Also, attending local meetups are a great way to get to know the local tech communities and make some connections that could help you make your career change.