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AIM Interface School Grad Melissa Buffalohead Starts Web Development Company

Melissa BuffaloheadMelissa Buffalohead was noticing a problematic pattern in her career path. Essentially, she realized that she was getting bored at her corporate jobs.

“I would learn everything quickly, then it would just get monotonous and I would lose interest and drive,” recalled Buffalohead. “I’ve always worked for big companies and felt very restricted and invaluable. I wanted something exciting that was always changing and new.

Buffalohead said she always envied people who had “cool jobs” but didn’t think she could ever have her own that fell into that category. Eventually, she came to the conclusion that life is too short to have a boring career and she began exploring new fields.That search led her to web development.

“I didn’t think I would enjoy it based on the job title, but I took the Myers-Briggs personality test and one of the best jobs for my personality type (INTJ) is a web developer,” said Buffalohead. “I looked into it further and started learning online [by] myself to be sure I would enjoy learning about it before signing up for [a course.]”

Buffalohead said she fell in love with web development and began her search for the right education option. She discovered AIM Interface School at the recommendation from a friend and past grad.

“AIM Interface School fit my budget and my schedule best compared to other options,” said Buffalohead. “I also liked the fast pace.”

She began by enrolling in the Foundations of Web Development course, then went on to specialize in WordPress.

“I enjoyed taking my WordPress class at Flywheel. It was nice to learn in a place where I could potentially work with the skills I was acquiring,” said Buffalohead. “I also liked the small class sizes so that all of my questions could be answered. The level of dedication of the teachers and staff at AIM Interface School is excellent as well.”

Buffalohead said she would recommend AIM Interface School to others.

“It’s a great way to rocket yourself into a new career if you are really dedicated. I never liked the idea of going to school for years and years,” she said. “Interface School really gets to the point and provides everything you need to learn new skills and go out there and get a new job.

Upon graduation, Melissa was finally able to start her “cool job” – she is the web developer at Buffalo Built Design Co, a company she started with her husband.

Buffalo Built Design Co. DemoShe said she loves being able to make her own hours and the personal freedom of her new job to do things like run errands, but her favorite part is using her new web development skills to build the websites her husband designs.

“My favorite part of my new job is getting to work with my husband Steven,” said Buffalohead. “Before my new position I would wake up and jokingly ask him if I could go to work with him instead. A lot of people say they wouldn’t be able to work with their significant other but we are best friends and work together very well.”

The AIM Interface School team is so happy that Melissa has found her dream career. If you’re ready to explore your career and education options, reach out to us. We’d love to guide you into a rewarding career in tech!