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Interface grad Joe Pollard checks in

After graduating, Joe Pollard launched his tech career with a new position as an Application Developer at First Data. We checked in with him for a Q&A to talk about his Interface journey.

Interface: How did you connect with Interface?
JP: I connected with Interface through a program that was brought to my attention from a MCC counselor and my case manager from the ITConnect grant program.

Interface: What led you to apply to Interface? 
JP: I applied to Interface because I believed it would be a great starting point for my career in the IT field. I was in need of retraining of work skills as I work as an electrician before deciding I wanted to make a switch.

Interface: How long did it take between enrollment and completion of your program?
JP: It took about 4 months from when I signed up to when the class was finished.

Interface: What was your first job position after graduating?
JP: I began working at First Data about a month after classes began in an Intern program. The interface program and FirstData worked together to create an intern program for those taking the course so we could also gain on the job training. Once I graduated from the program, I was offered a full-time position at First Data as an Associate Application Developer.
Interface: How did that set you up for your next job?
JP: The course helped me get caught up to speed in the COBOL language, rather quickly. Without it, I do not think I would be where I am today or have even remotely the knowledge I have for this IT environment. It has helped me flourish in my First Data career. Which will undoubtedly expand my prospects if I were ever to feel the need to seek employment elsewhere.

Interface: How has your career outlook changed in the last 12 months?
JP: Since I graduated from the program, I have had two promotions and on pace for another within this new year.

Interface: What would you say to someone else who is considering enrolling in Interface?
JP: It changed my life for the better and if you work hard and take it seriously it can change yours as well.