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Interface Alumnus, Aaron Onken Hired by Flywheel

by Katrina Markel

Aaron Onken is a recent graduate of our 10-week, web development program and we are excited to announce it took him very little time to land a plum job. After completing our fall Ruby on Rails program he was hired as a Happiness Engineer by rapidly growing Omaha based WordPress hosting firm, Flywheel.

onkenAaron has been part of the Interface community almost from the beginning. He participated in our one week, Intro to Web Development course last spring and then followed that up with the 10 week program in the fall. He came to Interface with a little bit of a programming experience, but with no background in web development.

“Although I had no web development experience before Interface, I had a bit of software development experience,” said Aaron. “As an undergraduate, I took courses related to my physics minor that covered COBOL, Fortran, and C++. More recently, I helped to develop a database management system with my current employer, which gave me a strong basis for learning a language that is as object-oriented as Ruby.”

In order to help fund his education at Interface Aaron launched an Indiegogo campaign. He has promised to donate two times the amount of money that he raised for his tuition toward the education of future Interface students. Now, with a new job and a bright future, Aaron plans to help other budding programmers.

Aaron has known the founders of Flywheel for quite some time, but feels it was his training at Interface that allowed him to re-launch a career with the rapidly growing startup.

“Although I’ve been in a corporate role for several years, a great deal of my social time has been spent around Omaha’s programmers, designers, and entrepreneurs,” said Aaron. “Interface School seemed like my best option for bringing my professional and social circles closer into sync. It worked out better than I could have hoped!”