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How Interface Helped Melanie Krohn Work Smarter

“The instructors and employees of Interface are some of the most passionate people in the tech community that you will ever meet. They truly believe in sharing their knowledge and making sure you learn – and they are constantly obtaining feedback from their students in order to create the best experience possible for their classes.” -Melanie Krohn

Melanie Krohn

Melanie Krohn began her marketing job at Bozell right after she graduated from Creighton University. As a project manager, she spends her time working with many clients. Any time one of her clients’ websites would need a quick fix, she had to go to her company’s swamped development team.

Melanie began to hear about Interface Web School from her involvement in the local entrepreneurial and tech community. She figured it might help her do her job better if she could make a lot of the simple website changes herself, so she starting looking into her options for coding education.

Her company, Bozell, already had a great relationship with Interface when she started considering classes. Once she found that she would be able to take the courses in the evening around her current job, she officially applied for our Summer 2016 Foundations + WordPress course.

Melanie appreciated that “if something isn’t working for a student (the curriculum, etc.), there are many opportunities to give feedback and tell the instructors about what you liked and disliked and what worked for you throughout the course. I also loved that all of the instructors are incredibly passionate people who are invested in their students and aren’t just there to teach you for the class duration but are there to help you make connections, build a career, and grow in your skills for much longer than that.”

Now Melanie is using the skills she gained over the summer in her current job. She believes these skills have helped her become more flexible and overall better at doing her job. “Instead of having to ask our swamped dev team to change a tiny thing on a website, I can go in and adjust it myself – which allows me to get things done when I need them done for my clients and allows them to continue working on the bigger projects that are higher priority.”

Since 2014, Interface Web School has offered part-time evening courses to help working professionals build their skills while keeping their current job. Whether you are looking for a career change, a new position within your company, or new skills that help you do your current job better, Interface Web School has many courses to help you achieve your career goals.