AIM Code School


Graduate combines her loves into a new career with the help of AIM Interface

Kelly Stark was working as a special education paraprofessional before coming to Interface School. She already had a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree and had been working in the human services industry for over 10 years, but felt like she was ready for a change.

“I’d discovered Codecademy and fell in love with coding,” said Stark. “[I] wanted to continue learning so that I could work in the field.”

She was looking for a coding bootcamp in Omaha when she came across AIM Interface School. She saw it as a chance to combine her love for Photoshop and Illustrator, her degree in psychology and her new found passion for coding and programming.

“Interface seemed a great place to gain more knowledge and skills in a classroom setting with an in-person instructor, yet condensed to learn in a faster time frame,” said Stark.

Stark said she would recommend the school to others based on her thoroughly positive experience. She said the instructors, especially Nick Weddleton and Kent Smotherman, were beyond helpful and really cared.

“The instructors really took the time to make sure I understood the subject matter, and if I struggled in an area they worked with me one-on-one until I understood it,” said Stark. “Shonna Dorsey was so encouraging along the way, helping me get into internships and then obtaining employment after.”

Stark went right into her new career working as a web designer and developer. When asked what her favorite aspects are of her new career, Stark had a hard time narrowing it down.

“There are so many, but basically it’s that I get to utilize my creative skills and coding skills together,” said Stark. “Every day I feel like I gain more knowledge in such an amazing field. I would highly recommend AIM Interface School.”