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From Welder to Web Developer

It’s not everyday that you meet a web developer who knows how to weld, but that’s exactly the case with Will Landolt.

“I really like creating things from scratch,” said Will, A 2009 graduate of Roncalli High School. He explained that welders use blueprints and have to figure out how to construct a project. It’s a little like building a website, but he doesn’t think very many welders switch careers to become web developers.

Will was always interested in computers and gaming as a teenager, but when he was considering college options he thought programming seemed too complicated. Instead, he learned to weld and has been doing that professionally for the last four years.will

Will heard about Interface from Jake White, an Interface alumnus who is also his brother-in-law,  “He (Jake) really liked it and learned a lot, so I wanted to give it a try.”
Will had almost no training as a developer before enrolling in the WordPress course, which is now known as “Foundations + WordPress.” He said that instructor and Interface alumnus, Josh Collinsworth was very attentive, willing to help, and made learning fun.

“Kind of a training curve at first, but the class was really good. They started off with the basics,” said Will. “It was really a good process to learn with.”

Each member of the class worked on a personal website and then, as a group, they built a site for non-profit partner, Tunette Powell.

Will chose the WordPress course because he “wanted to start developing websites and learning the ins and outs of wordPress on a more in-depth level.”

His hard work has clearly paid off. Will has been offered a job as a Junior Applications Programmer with a government contractor. He’s waiting for his security clearance to be approved and in the meantime he’s continuing to work as a welder in a small manufacturing shop. He’s excited for the next phase in his life.

“They (Interface) provided me with knowledge of all the different applications I’m going to be using in my new job,” said Will. “I’m very grateful for Interface, without them I probably wouldn’t have gotten this job. I’m very excited for this job.”

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