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Get a Free National Career Readiness Certification at Interface Web School

Interface School is excited to announce that we are providing a new career readiness resource to our students and graduates. 

Interface will be providing the National Career Readiness Certification (NCRC), a career readiness assessment developed by ACT and coordinated by Metropolitan Community College. This assessment focuses on the participant’s skill set as it relates to applied mathematics, locating information, and reading for information. The results of this assessment are portable and nationally recognized by employers.

This certification is incredibly valuable to both the test taker and to employers. It helps employees assess their current skill set and how it aligns with the position they are in or positions they want to be in. The NCRC determines if the employee has the basic skills necessary to be effective in that position.

For employers, the NCRC aids in decision-making based on hiring, selection, and promotions. The employer can feel confident they are hiring people with the basic skills needed in order to be successful, and this helps increase employee retention, as well as allows employers to invest more in their employees.

The assessment is a win-win for both employees and employers. An employee is in a position where they feel confident in their abilities to be effective and the employer is able to hire a quality candidate that has the skills needed to be effective in the position.

Currently, testing sessions are held on various recurring schedules at sites including Metropolitan Community College, Heartland Workforce Solutions, Do Space, Learning Community Center of North Omaha, Latino Center of the Midlands, ResCare, Maximus, and Siena Francis House. Testing hours vary according to each site. Learn more about specific sites and times available for testing here.

Not only is this assessment extremely useful for employees and employers, but it is also free to both. A participant can take it on their own, or an employer can send their employees to take it. There is no cost to either party, as the NCRC is funded by a grant through the City of Omaha.

The assessment takes approximately 3 hours, which is broken down into three sections that can be taken one at a time to suit the needs of the test takers. The three areas assessed are: Locating Information, Reading for Information, and Applied Mathematics. Participants receive the following scores which lead to a nationally recognized, portable certification.

  • Bronze: at least a 3 on each assessment
  • Silver: at least a 4 on each assessment
  • Gold: at least a 5 on each assessment
  • Platinum: at least a 6 on each assessment

Each certificate comes with a confirmation number that an employee can give to an employer to verify their given scores.

Interface School is excited to offer this assessment to the community. As part of developing a work-ready community, Interface School also uses the NCRC as part of their application for new participants. Based on the needs of employers in web development, digital marketing, and data science career paths, a Gold level is needed on the NCRC to be admitted to Interface School.

In addition, this assessment will help assess the current skills participants have in conjunction with what is needed for potential career pathways. For example, a Web Developer typically has a Level 6 in Locating Information. If a participant does not receive this given score, they are able to work on this given career skill to get the basics they need prior to being placed in a position where they may struggle due to the fact that the Locating Information is a major skill required in a Web Developer’s day to day duties.

To register for this free assessment, sign up here.