AIM Code School


What our students are saying


We are entering our sixth week of classes and have several sets of feedback from students – I’d like to share a few. I’ve included steps we’ve taken to improve our courses and workshops to ensure we continue to deliver high value content. Thank you to our students for their openness.

What our students like…

Analysis and Management 

“The pace of the class and the material presented exceeded my expectation.”

“I liked the real world application. Talking to clients is extremely helpful!”

“I enjoyed learning about and using the product backlog. It is a productive way to capture requirements.”

“Seeing how all of the previous weeks of work flowed into this. The overall/big picture is coming into view and it is exciting to see how everything is connected.”

Web Development

“After working through much of the material offered by Jerod in preparation for the course, I found that this course was most helpful in filling in gaps in my knowledge that I didn’t even know that I had. I thought the Codecademy courses provided a great foundation, but Jerod’s lecture in class really opened up the material in a useful way. I’m not sure if I could really depend on one aspect.”

“I really knew nothing about the other side of the internet until this class. Learning the basics of how a web site is developed was very interesting and made me feel a little more connected to the tech world.”

“Having a knowledgeable and engaging instructor helped sustain my interest and understanding over the course of the week. Jerod is an excellent teacher! He kept a good pace, and enhanced lectures with a sense of humor and the ability to articulate core concepts. Furthermore, the required exercises helped solidify concepts discussed in the lectures. “Web Basics” seems like a good preparation for the remainder of the web.”

What we can do better…

“Written student evaluations (ways students can improve) would be helpful.”

“I would have to suggest more flexibility in terms of class scheduling around work hours.”

“Students should have a homework assignment every night and review the assignment together at the beginning of the next day’s class .”

” I could use more practice scenarios before we work on the actual project. Putting what I am learning into practice helps my understanding and gives me a more solid foundation on which to build. “

What we’re doing to improve…

  • Our instructors teaching 1 week+ courses will be encouraged to provide student evaluations at regular intervals during the course. Evaluations will include information on student performance including strengths and areas to improve.
  • In future sessions, we will offer workshops and courses at different times of the day.
  • Our instructors will continue to be encouraged to provide homework, examples and meaningful in class exercises for students to apply/reinforce new concepts.

Our growth depends on the success of our students. We will continue to use student input as a tool to improve our approach to content delivery and ensure our courses are helping students achieve their professional goals.