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Student Story: Dave Orrick – Social Entrepreneur

Over the next couple of weeks and in preparation for Launch Day, we’d like to introduce our students to you. We’ve asked our students to share details about their decision to join Interface, thoughts on the program and plans after the 10 week track.

Meet Interface student Dave Orrick. Dave is passionate about using technology to help teachers. His story follows.

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Interface Student Team:
Paul Mancuso, Alan Peterson, Dave Orrick

I’m Dave Orrick – an Interface student and social entrepreneur working to rethink the ways in which we support Omaha’s teachers. I’ve been working on an initiative called Delivering Infinite Bookshelves (DIBS) for 3 years and realized web programming skills will be required to scale this program.

Prior to joining Interface, I dabbled in several online programs to learn how to code. While online programs were helpful, I realized a structured format was necessary for me and I am getting that structure through Interface’s 10 week program with Jerod Santo. The structure of the class forces me to get serious about learning and the social dynamics are also cool – just being around a fun set of peers who are also all new to web programming makes learning enjoyable and collaborative. Oh… and speaking from experience: when I get stuck, Jerod’s expert opinion has literally saved me hours. All huge factors for me to take my skills to the next level.

When I finish the 10 week track with Interface, I plan to join a local web development firm and leverage my new skills to get serious about getting Omaha’s public school teachers the support they need.