Specialization in Web Development: JAVA

Love that ultimate control? In this course you’ll learn the programming language that’s relied upon by corporations of all shapes and sizes.


This course provides you with all the information and training you need to start a career as a Java developer by providing practical knowledge and experience for real-world situations.  You’ll work with the front-end, to the server by creating web pages, to working with databases, and everything in between.  You’ll walk away from this course versatile enough to not only write code, but effectively debug too as a promising junior team member and full-stack developer.


By the end of the course you’ll design and implement a fully functional web application using Neetbeans as your Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and implement web pages using HTML5 and CSS3.  You’ll code interactive, dynamic web pages using JavaScript and jQuery. Finally, you’ll learn how to connect the client to the server by using AJAX to retrieve data.


This class meets 2 nights per week for 18 weeks at the AIM Brain Exchange at 1902 Howard Street in Omaha, NE.

National Career Readiness Certificate

We know how hard it can be to enter a new field after training, and the NCRC is an excellent (and free!) certification to help you stand out in the job search process. For those interested in getting job placement assistance through AIM Interface School, this certification must be obtained before placement services begin.

Students interested in taking this course should obtain a Gold level on the National Career Readiness Certificate. The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) is a portable credential that indicates that you have the foundational workplace skills needed to succeed in this career path. The free, 3-hour assessment consists of three core tests: Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information.

You can find testing locations and upcoming dates as well as sign up for the free assessment here.

This exam is encouraged for potential students of any Interface School course unless:

  • You already work in the technology field, OR
  • You have 1 or more years of experience working in the technology field, OR
  • You will not be seeking placement support from Interface School.

You can inquire about whether or not you need to take this by emailing us here.

Featured Java Student: Sang Nguyen

Sang Nguyen is a current Interface Java student and Foundations of Web Development graduate. He says some negative experiences in his IT career led to self-doubt, but his confidence is back thanks to Interface instructors and the new skillset he is learning. Sang tells us he initially chose Interface because of the hands-on training. “What I enjoy most about Interface is the interaction between student and instructor and learning from their experiences as developers,” Sang says.

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Open to individuals with 6 months of front-end web development experience and/or graduates of an Interface School Foundations course who want to build the skills to begin a career as a web application developer. An assessment is required to be accepted into this course.

Cost: $6,500 Type: Course