Foundations of Web Development

Ready for a change? In this course you’ll obtain the knowledge and practice you need to jumpstart a career in web development.


You’ll learn how HTML and CSS work together to create web pages full of styled content. With a hands-on approach you’ll dive deep into all that you can accomplish with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript including Responsive Web Design


This course is all about practice, practice, practice. During the course, you’ll work on at least one personal project site to start building your portfolio. 


This class meets 2 nights per week for 16 weeks of in-class instruction. For Omaha classes the location is the AIM Brain Exchange at 1902 Howard Street in Omaha, NE.

National Career Readiness Certificate

Students interested in taking this course must obtain a Silver level or higher on the National Career Readiness Certificate. The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) is a portable credential that indicates that you have the foundational workplace skills needed to succeed in this career path. The free, 3-hour assessment consists of three core tests: Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information.

We know how hard it can be to enter a new field after training, and the NCRC is an excellent (and free!) certification to help you stand out in the job search process. For those interested in getting job placement assistance through AIM Interface School, this certification must be obtained and a Gold or higher level achieved before placement services begin.

You can find testing locations and upcoming dates as well as sign up for the free assessment here.

This exam is required for potential students of any Interface School course unless:

    • You already work in the technology field, OR
    • You have 1 or more years of experience working in the technology field

You can inquire about whether or not you need to take this by emailing us here.

Contact us if you have questions before submitting an application.

Featured Foundations Graduate: Erica Johnson

Erica Johnson’s passion for producing and editing video led her to Interface Web School, where she learned how to use code to create custom video animations. Now, she owns and operates her production company, EBE Films, and says web development is a great thing to study if you are a visual learner. “If a person likes to work with their hands, if they are a visual learner, it would be perfect for them, because it’s visual. You input certain specifics and literally see what happens,” she says.

Read more of Erica’s story on our blog.

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Open to individuals who want to learn how to build user friendly, beautiful, and interactive websites including entrepreneurs, small business owners, project managers, business analysts, graphic designers and print designers.

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