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Bianca Zongrone’s Journey to Becoming a Senior UX/UI Designer

“I have never been more grateful for the opportunities that I was afforded because I took a class at Interface.” – Bianca Zongrone

Bianca Zongrone has had quite the professional journey. From a diverse background in business, management, and human resources, she has used her coding education to land various roles that bring all of her skills together. Bianca sat down with me for a quick interview about her journey and her time at Interface Web School.

Bianca Zongrone
Describe your background.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business and Management from an engineering school. I worked in Human Resources while I got a master’s degree from another school with a large engineering program. As I grew older, I realized that technology people were my kind of people, so I gravitated toward positions that had an element of tech to them. I started another grad program, which is how I got to Omaha, and was a psychologist working in a tech lab. I saw the undergrads coding and making cool things and thought, “why not me?”

What position did you hold before Interface? 

Right before Interface, I stopped attending my PhD program. I realized that getting a PhD was not what made me happy and wanted to see what the world could offer. It was tough finding a job right after in my field, but I really enjoyed my time working as a Customer Experience Supervisor at Banana Republic in Village Pointe. I worked full-time in this job while attending Interface.

Which course(s) did you take at Interface?

 I took the Front-End Web Development course (now Foundations) in Fall 2015 with Andy Neely as my instructor.

Why did you choose Interface for your education?

 I wanted the opportunity to work and go to school and Interface was one of the only places that offered that opportunity. I met with Shonna before starting and knew this program was right for me. She wanted to make sure she understood my goals and how Interface could help me. I was so impressed.

Would you recommend Interface to others?

 Most definitely! I loved working with my instructor – he really wanted to make sure that we understood the material and how to apply it to the websites we would be building on our own. I really enjoyed the hands-on application; it’s one thing to learn about things in a book, but it’s another to actually apply them.

What did you like or dislike about your experience?

 The guest speakers that spoke to my class were invaluable. I learned not only about what opportunities there are in the Omaha area, but how to present myself in an interview and how to give a tech-related presentation. I was also grateful for the opportunity to work in a group and design/develop the website for the Highlander living community.

What position are you holding now?

I am a Senior UX/UI Designer at InEight in Omaha, NE.

Did Interface have any effect on getting you into that position?

 Yes! My first job out of Interface was as a UX designer. I was really able to speak to my front-end experience and apply it in that job. After I spent a few months there, I went on to another UX job at Kiewit which required me to interact with developers more than code myself. Knowing how to speak the same language as a developer and understand the challenges they are facing is a valuable skill to have. A few months later, an opportunity opened up at InEight, a software company that Kiewit owns, and I was able to get a promotion to a senior designer. I have never been more grateful for the opportunities that I was afforded because I took a class at Interface.