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Appsky Labs to Offer Post-Graduation Opportunities

Interface Web School is excited announce a partnership with Appsky Labs

Appsky LabsAppsky Labs, LLC is a unique business that focuses on developing high-quality software at affordable rates with quick turn-arounds. The company works with small- to medium-sized local businesses that are looking to grow their customer base through the use of software. Appsky Labs is unique in that they do not work with the developers that are the best of the best in the industry; instead, they are creating the best of the best.

“We partner with local businesses like Interface Web School that are making an impact in innovative technology educational programs. Their goal is to teach all the skills needed to get a junior level position in a short amount of time, and they do a great job at it!” explains founder Taylor Korensky. “What they are finding is that hiring businesses are not only looking for the knowledge in their candidates, but the experience and portfolio to back it up. We are moving to a world of what you can prove you can do, rather than what you know. Appsky Labs wants to provide the stepping stone from a program like Interface Web School, community college, or four-year university to an elevated career in tech in a short amount of time.”

Appsky Labs was created to fill a gap in the Omaha technology community that only very few have started to address. Technology training and education is changing quickly and although four-year degrees are still highly encouraged, they will not always be a requirement for many positions in this industry. Internship programs at many businesses are lacking in their experience for many developers and are becoming an outdated way for someone to get into a new tech job. There needs to be a new way for junior talent to discover their passion, learn new things, teach others, and work on real work. That is the best and quickest way to learn and develop a passion for something. Secondly, there are also many businesses in parts of our community that are suffering due to lack of updated technology. By providing an affordable rate, fixed-fee pricing, and payment plans, Appsky Labs hopes to work with these businesses and encourage the growth of those areas through an infusion of high-quality software. Why does development need to be so expensive? Appsky Labs was started to flip the model on its head and reach those right around us that have been left behind due to the rapid inflation of the value of software.

“Appsky Labs will help to manage the development and learning of these junior developers over the course of many real-world projects that can each be added to their portfolios. We want to provide developers the opportunity to work directly with clients to learn the ins and outs of developing really great and satisfying products,” said Taylor Korensky. “We want our contractors to have moments of failure; these moments provide the greatest learning insight and Appsky Labs will be there to help guide the situation in the right direction. Finally, through our partnership with Interface Web School, industry experts and advisors from various fields will be available to mentor, help solve problems, and provide direction.

Developers and designers interested in Appsky Labs will all be given test or learning projects right away that will be unpaid, but will test their skills and provide them a learning launch pad. These projects will be something they can add to their portfolio and receive help and guidance on, even if the decision is made not to bring them onto the Appsky Labs team at this time.

This partnership has many benefits for Interface Web School students. Students can:

  • Develop their skills in the desired area
  • Build a professional portfolio based on real world client projects
  • Learn how to work on a team of like-minded developers
  • Develop skills in UI/UX concepts that can be applied to many places across the industry
  • Receive mentorship and connections to Omaha business community
  • Gain a sense of freedom from a 9-5 job.

Everyone that works with Appsky Labs is a contractor in order to allow them to work remotely, allow students to work on side projects, allow for a flexible work schedule throughout the year, and receive fair pay.

Essentially, these students or recent graduates will be getting a real-world crash course on managed freelancing and product development. The goal here is that after a transitionary period at Appsky Labs, some developers may want to move on to a job in the industry, freelance, or start their own business. We want to encourage that as much as possible and each person leaving Appsky Labs will be a notch above those starting in the industry due to their comprehensive knowledge of all the parts to the process. Why wait to be great?

Services provided by Appsky Labs include:

  • Native IOS and Android
  • Hybrid Mobile
  • WordPress
  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Wearable App Development
  • SEO
  • Mentorship/Training
  • Video Production
  • Professional Presentation Development

Fast facts:

  • Appsky Labs is open to working with junior talent from any educational program or freelance background
  • Remote and part-time positions are available
  • This will be a CONNECT Grant company
  • Office located in the heart of the startup community at the Exchange Building (1905 Harney St., Omaha, NE)
  • Internal projects and client projects are available
  • Appsky Labs will host and sponsor workshops at our space, DoSpace and others

Interested in working for Appsky Labs? Inquire here.

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