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AIM Code School Student Spotlight: Alex Sieckmann

Alex Sieckmann went from working a string of part-time jobs to becoming an Application Development Intern at financial services provider Fiserv, thanks to the AIM Code School (formerly Interface: the Web School).

After an intro class, Sieckmann decided to give AIM Code School a try. He took back-to-back courses on HTML/CSS and Java with AIM Code School instructor Kent Smotherman. 

“Kent was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had,” Sieckmann said, echoing the testimony of numerous AIM Code School graduates.

With a solid foundation in high-level programming laid, Sieckmann enrolled in AIM Code School’s COBOL course.

COBOL is a mainframe language used heavily in the financial services sector for its security and stability. Because it is an older language, COBOL is often not taught in contemporary computer science programs; consequently, there is an increasing shortage of COBOL programmers as those who know the language retire. Top financial companies now scramble to fill the gap. That’s why several local employers have been working with AIM Code School to train current and future employees in COBOL.

In Sieckmann’s case, the COBOL course he took was sponsored by Fiserv and cost him nothing to attend. Once he graduated code school, Fiserv hired him as an intern, where he is on track to a permanent position.

While the class was difficult, Sieckmann offered some common sense wisdom on how to succeed in code school.

“Pay attention, take notes, make sure you’re reviewing the material at home,” he said. “Look it over at least once a night.”

Sieckmann’s code school journey inspired him to pursue a computer science degree and help him build his game design portfolio. An avid gamer, Sieckmann would love to develop his own games someday.

If you want to gain the in-demand skills employers are looking for, check out AIM Code School’s course offerings. Scholarships are available, and each student is assigned a tech career navigator to help them find the job they want after graduating. Moreover, AIM Code School is Omaha’s only federally accredited code school.

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